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Sexuality has been a ificant theme in the various Star Trek television and motion-picture series.

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The real adult dating raleigh northcarolina 27610 is the idea of Kirk gettin' it on with an exotic green alien female and yet the one time he encounters such in TOS he has zero interest in her and she's a nutcase chasing him with intention to kill him. It can mean a man who pursues women simply for the sake of casual sex. The term womanizer can have varying levels of meaning.

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Kirk has a widespread reputation as a womanizer accompanied by woman want casual sex kirk image of him putting the moves on and kissing a parade of woman want nsa casmalia women whether human, alien or android. If he doesn't actively pursue women for sole purpose of casual sex then he's not a womanizer.

As much as I dislike this stereotype and agree with the original post, I think you will have to count any episode in which Kirk kisses or sweet talks a girl as contributing to creating that stereotype. Jus' Sayin'. He evidently holds some fondness for her but no lasting romantic feelings. But is this perception really valid? Although admittedly it was just Kirk's darker half and Rand Apparently it was enough for it to make a lasting impression.

In Miri, Rand was almost behaving like the Captain's woman. Of course we all know that the writers were danielle trotta dating trying to inject some sort of romance for the female viewers and a little fantasy for the guys, but it wasn't anywhere near what people made it out to be!

Woman looking casual sex kirk

I am sooo glad you posted this! BDJJun 16, One thing's for sure I certainly wouldnt of beautiful mature searching nsa fort worth no to him ;- ah time for dream bubble ScramboJun okcupid dating, Expanding on what we see of Kirk later: "Jihad" - Lara shows interest in Kirk, but he doesn't respond in kind. TMP - According to the novelization of the film one of the Starfleet officers killed in the transporter mishap was a perhaps former lover of Kirk's after the Enterprise returns from its 5-year mission, yet this isn't established or even referenced in the film.

Under normal circumstances Kirk stayed clean there. What would you do? With his ship at risk the woman want casual sex kirk takes a distant second place. Everything about the Nexus is made up and without substance. Thank you, Wayback Machine Captain Robert AprilJun 16, T'GirlJun 16, ed: Sep 15, Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

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TUC - Marta? Show Ignored Content. But afterwards perhaps a little mutually agreeable nooky with a non crew member? BillJJun dating again, Sorry, but I must have missed that thread.

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And looking back I think his most genuine and most normal relationship was with Areel Shaw. Jim Kirk is a genuinely interesting character without the "bad boy" baggage everyone wants to attach to him. And there have also been a of times when it has been the woman pursuing him. A womanizer can also be someone who meet polish women online sex with women in a lecherous manner and I really don't think that applies to Kirk.

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Again it seems more her going after him. I certainly don't think Kirk is portrayed anywhere near the same level as James Bond.

Yet I certainly don't think Kirk is cad. T'GirlJun 15, How could you forget Rand and Kirk? GEN - Does this really count for anything? I should i continue to date him be arsed to go thru all the issues and find it, however. And that sort of thing can does easily happen in the real world.

But you have to wonder if he would have been drawn so strongly to her under more normal circumstances. ed: Aug 20, Location: T'Girl. Star Trek: The Magazine did an article cedar rapids women wants free sex Kirk's encounters with the opposite sex, and revealing how VERY infrequently he actually consummated the deal.

Warped9Jun 16, ed: May 23, Location: In selfless service to fandom, on the road to beco. It has happened often when men and women turn to one another in times of stress.

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ForbinJun 15, ed: Jan 30, Location: Escaped from Trumpistan. The Laughing VulcanJun 15, Kirk doesn't pursue Rand except his darker side in "The Enemy Within". Antonia could be pretty much a figment of Kirk's imagination.

Last edited: Jun 16, Warped9Jun 15, ed: Jan 6, Deja vu Doug OtteJun 15, ed: Mar 15, Location: I free tonight girlfriend out, dammit! TVH - Kirk charms Gillian Taylor, but he doesn't really show her any real romantic or sexual interest.

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Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Considering the breadth of the subject I didn't want to derail my TOS revisit thread too much with this and so I started would you date a black guy separate thread for it.

Too bad that most folks won't see this thread and come to a clean understanding though.

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I don't doubt that Kirk has done this at some point as many men have done particularly when younger since it is often taken as measure of one's masculinity. TWOK - Although there appears to be lingering fondness for each other it doesn't look like Kirk and Carol Marcus places for dating in chennai going to renew their relationship.

They will see Kirk gissing another girl on Star Trek. Thoughts anyone?

Kirk the womanizer???

In my revisit of TOS this is what I saw. MykoJun 16, Definitions matter regardless of other people's misconceptions. A non-Trek beautiful women seeking sex tonight garner who's predisposed to the idea of Kirk the womanizer won't care if he was forced, or if it was an android or if he was just using the girl.

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I'll try and dig it up Found it. Yes, he flirts and occasionally uses his natural charm toward some purpose, but in any situation where he has had apparently genuine feelings for the woman he has actually been a gentlemen. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Kirk is evidently a career officer and his relationships are inevitably affected by that. The Trek BBS. Kirk the womanizer??? I did an episode-by-episode breakdown of this topic nearly twenty years ago. They obviously have a history, free hook ups both are realistic and grown-up about it and there appear to be no lingering resentments and they also apparently retain a good measure of affection for each free sex cams free.