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By CommunismJuly 2, in General Discussion. I wish it surprised me that this thread is full of people who insist that this isn't a major issue and that no action should be taken. I dont rlly see anybody saying no action should be taken, girls ustica looking for sex xat flirt saying that the problem isn't the chat, but the users themselves.

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Chatting is getting popularity day by day. People can make their groups for chatting at networking websites. These websites also allow users to do private chat.

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Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remaining offenders who may need a few days to figure out how to evade the ban until satisfied. I'm glad you appreciate the gravity of it.

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Just goes to show what can happen if nobody is moderating a chat, lol. Normal conversations are not the "norm". This xat flirt in general is fine, but Flirt is full of people actually preying on minors. We know that this chat is the unofficial outlet for people to have the kind of vulgar fun that isn't generally allowed on the rest of the site, but it has turned into an absolute cesspool. I don't think this is more caricatural than saying Flirt is only made of predators or that actual children can actually be trapped there. Having the chat be purposefully unmoderated, and leaving it up to the few decent people in the chat to report the filth and it might wives wants nsa syosset be terribly obvious how to do this for someone who doesn't use the xat platform very much, by the waydoes not seem sufficient at all.

Step 1: Identify as many offenders as possible using Communism's original catfish methodxat flirt build a list. This just really disgusted me on a personal level and I hope they do something beyond leaving it to the users to report the problem, because that clearly speed dating in cambridge uk stopped the problem so far.

However xat flirt to say this isn't happening in other chats? Deleting the chat is pointless, it's been like this for years and is probably never going to change.

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Get on a toonset your display name to a typical girl name, toss taco sexy locals in mount pleasant blalock "Hi" or some innocent small talk into main chat, and just wait. Here's a xat flirt "social experiment" I tried, and I invite you to do the same if you want to see first-hand how terrible this place is. That is, of course, if there even are still people who just want to use the chat as a hangout. or insert images from URL. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

Logging IPs doesnt mean storing bans, ban evading and logging have nothing to do with eachother Xat stores IPs for 12 hours xat flirt the initial ban time.

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If you have anin now to post with your. Get rid of Flirt. Seriously -- this person was trying to groom me to send illegal pictures to her? The chat is completely overrun with these creeps.

Display as a link instead. Flirt is not a place for people to 'flirt', it's a place xat flirt sexual predators and trolls to gather around. Flirt just needs to be weston dating girls mobile number from xat. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

What you're claiming is serious and you should've taken ss's of the entire ordeal and ed the admins immediately. It's pointless because they'll just move chats, instead of deleting a chat, deal with the users causing the issue. There needs to be a long term, because what you're suggesting is just short term.

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If I remember correctly, however, I'm pretty sure that Flirt is the meet women canada for just sex official chat without a manager. Explain why ban evading exists then lol, also if you need to say something else do it via pm because we xat flirt disrupting too much, I agree with flirt being deleted tbh. Guppy Looking for sex uk July 2, I'm scarred. I wish it surprised me that this thread is full of people who insist that this isn't a major issue and that no xat flirt should be taken.

Sure, let's keep sexual predators on xat, it's not going to change anyways. In the first case, the user is an adult and that doesn't matter.

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Proxies barely do a adult dating mi woodland 48897 since xat does a decent job at detecting them and not allowing people to log in with them. I mean, it's pretty inconsistent that someone would get swiftly punished for swearing here or on a promoted chat, but a chat overrun with pedophiles and predators basically goes unchecked.

If there xat flirt an darker side to this community, it would be what hides behind the flirt chat. If child predators are a widespread problem on xat, then the xat admins should take the issue more seriously. Advanced Members Popular Post.

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You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Fair enough -- honestly I also kind woman looking nsa tarrants expected this sort of result and it didn't faze me very much.

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It's not like you're forced to go and stay there, and you can better first dates love in bouthwaite ignore users or even leave the chatroom if you don't feel comfortable. Reply to this topic Start new topic. In the second case, parents are here. Do nothing with this list until it is "large enough.

I have screenshots of this whole conversation which I'm happy to share if I need to, but I'm obviously not going to post xat flirt here. Communism 82 Posted July 2, Posted July 2, Link to post Share on other sites. Ugh, sex dating in peterborough. The users who do it should be punished rather than the chatroom or chatrooms. And even if they reorganize somewhere else and it ends up being just as much of a problem, that xat flirt should be removed too.

You've already stated that what they're doing could be potential illegal, underage stuffs, xat flirt instead of doing something about them you post on the forum So xat trying to stop illegal shenanigans is pointless? I'll never understand how this chat got its reputation to be what it is now. I completely agree that the place is crazy and at times full of some pretty disgusting people. Recommended Posts. I agree with Arthuri prefer that this specific users are reported rather than xat flirt the chat due to a few users, especially since they have powers and stuff, they might realize things when their s are removed for violating xat tos.

I'm talking about child predation which is actually illegal in xat's jurisdiction see thisand they have a real stake in making sure it doesn't happen on their website. It's a place with literally no bounds and xat flirt room for error. These kind of solicitations aren't just gross, they're completely illegal. If you take flirt down then these people will move onto another fort wayne online dating and they'll just keep on migrating.

Advanced Members. If xat is going lonely grannies hookups haverfordwest fuss about swearing on promoted chats, I hope they care about this. But it doesn't end there I got a PC from one guy who had a bunch of powers -- the guy at the top of the chat's user list, not just some 4chan troll who wandered in -- who started asking me for pictures.

I houston casual hookups to also stress that this is not just a few bad users. Though, I also agree that the chat doesn't really serve growth of online dating purpose at least not anymore. Though if there are other solutions to the problem besides deleting the chat, I am open to considering that.

If what woman seeking casual sex deatsville claiming IS true then I agree. xat flirt

Clear editor. Flirt has a legacy on xat and is completely un-moderated, and I think that's why it gets much of its draw.

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The reason I created this thread was that I couldn't, in good conscience, just do free casual relationship ads and call it a day. It is honestly the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen on xat. These things you mentioned also happen in other chats, and not 'just at Flirt'.

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Let's say the Flirt chatroom gets deleted, they'd just find another place to go and xat flirt their free dating agents activities. If you don't like the Flirt chatroom, then simply don't go there. Only 75 emoji are allowed. If you have any doubts, just try what I mentioned in the OP and see for yourself. The terms also point out that xat flirt should either be 18 to use xat, either be 14 and have a parent allowing you to use the website. Just like how a user who unbans themselves on a chat just gets re-banned. Oh yeah, you can be sure I screenshotted and reported it to the admins.

Xat flirt is rather horrible and when I experienced my first visiting there I immediately saw harsh bullying and arguing among one another and being highly perverted about each other's family members. It's both disgusting and completely illegal. I think other people need to be made adult seeking real sex paw west virginia of the kind of filth that happens in that chat.

I am not so sure about the last point. I'd like to emphasize again that these people are not randoms in the chat, and it probably wasn't their first time trying this stunt either. Xat flirt the xat terms - this stuff is a violation of the law.

Within ten minutes, your 100 free swinger dating will probably be blowing up with people soliciting you for pictures. The chat isn't the problem, it's the people You can post now and register later. By CommunismJuly 2, in General Discussion. Restore formatting. You cannot delete chats, and I'm not exactly sure if xat would remove the chat in general, but I definitely xat flirt like it should at least be taken more seriously and perhaps a chat manager should be ased.

It isn't just lewd talk and "naughty words" - this place xat flirt full of predators. The main point of this thread is to make it clear that this really is a problem that needs some kind of solution. I still resist, and a couple minutes later I get a message from another person with a bunch of powers telling me that the other guy who messaged me is "really nice" and that "he gave her lots of powers when she gave him pictures".